African American Golfers Hall of Fame
West Palm Beach, Florida

African American Golfers Hall of Fame Legends 

2021 African American Golfers Hall of Fame

"2021 Member"

Jeremiah "Jerry" Bruner, Professional Golfer, Los Angeles, CA

"2021 Founder's Awardee"

Rufus Miles Lewis, Former, SSAGA Junior Golf Program Chairman, Tampa, FL

"2021 Leadership Awardee"

Kazava "KZ" Smith, President, Cincinnati Coalition of Churches & Cincinatti Recreation Commission

"2021 Pathfinder"

APGA Tour, Los Angeles, CA

2022 Afrian American Golfers Hall of Fame

" 2022 Member”

Kendall Brandon Murphy, PGA

“College Golf Coach of 2021-22”

Kevin La Marr Jennings, Sr.

“2022 Pioneer Award”

Thomas L. Griffis, Sr.

“2022 Trailblazer Awardees”

Kevin Michael Hall & Malcolm Kirven

“2022 Humanitarian Award”

Joseph P. Steranka, Honorary PGA

“Philanthropy, Leadership, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Women’s Golf Award”

Angela Y. Moody

“Outstanding Medical Malpractice Attorney & Community Servant”

Phyllis M. Gillespie, Esq.

“2022 Founder’s Awardees”

Stanley V. Campbell & David Hicks Hinton, III

“2022 Founder’s Anniversary Award”

Driving Force Women’s Golf Club, Montgomery, Alabama

“Special 2022 Pioneer Award”

Lucius Bateman, San Francisco Bay Area (Posthumously


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