African American Golfers Hall of Fame
West Palm Beach, Florida

Celebrating the Accomplishments of Yesterday
While Paving the Way for Tomorrow

Enjoy our Hall of Fame in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, that celebrates that accomplishments of African American golfers while paving the way for tomorrow.

To Register for the May 25-29, 2017 event visit "Upcoming Events" page.

Welcome to the official website of the African American Golfers Hall of Fame, Inc. (AAGHOF).  Take as much time as you wish.

We hope that this site will serve as an additional resource to provide a deeper historic perspective about the African American involvement in the game of golf since indeed the 1800s. We want you to use this site to see just how deep our "roots" have been and are in "growing the game of golf."

We have and will identify those who made it possible for us to enjoy this great game called "golf." We will honor and celebrate those who have gone before us and those who are currently making their mark. We will make sure that our youth golfers "raise the bar" even higher and stay on the right course so that one day, they will also have a hall of fame (AAGHOF) to enter.

All of our junior golfers, scholars, corporate supporters, teachers, weekend golfers, and others have said: "If it is here, it must be right." Tell your friends and neighbors that this site has a lot of "real good golf information" about the past and shows our vision for the future. Contact us with new history and positive ideas. Thanks for visiting us! Come back again!

Malachi Knowles
Founder, AAGHOF

Our Mission and Goals

AAGHOF Mission Statement
The purpose of the African American Golfers Hall of Fame (AAGHOF) is to celebrate and honor the history and achievements of African Americans in the game of golf.


1. To establish a place where the rich, colorful, and proud history of African Americans in golf is specifically showcased and displayed for the world to see.
2. To work diligently to find, review, and honor those African Americans who have made a lasting and positive contribution to golf and to their communities.
3. To provide an interactive educational learning experience for all young and
senior golfers.
4. To acquire and assemble the most comprehensive collection of African American golf memorabilia in the world.
5. To purchase land and build a permanent AAGHOF complex complete with a
practice facility, learning center and golf museum for generations to come.

2005 Class

Enjoy our Hall of Fame!

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